Tuesday, March 29, 2011

They Take A Lickin', And Keep On Stickin'

Ashleigh and Elliott are in full lacrosse swing.  Ashleigh is co-captain of her varsity team and Elliott is co-captain of his junior varsity team.  I have made it to one game each.  Elliott scored once and had an assist at his game early on.  Boys lacrosse is very physical and he took a hard shot.  That woke him up and he upped his game big time.  Very aggressive and was putting some good checks and stick hits on.  They wound up losing 5-6 but played well against a very good team.

Ashleigh played today and her team was down 4-9 at one point.  They were slowly creeping back in and it was 8-11 when Ashleigh took a hit to the head (girls don't wear helmets).  The game was stopped and the girl who hit her got yellow-carded (penalized and removed from the game for a few minutes).  She was hurting for a minute or two but stayed in.  That hit got her fired up too and she scored the next two goals - unassisted.  They tied it at 11 but lost 11-12.  Good games!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

If It Ain't One Thing...

Well I see it's been a month since my last posting.  A lot has happened, yet not much has happened.  Had a bunch of minor (hopefully!) medical issues pop up - bone spur in my right heel, strained calf muscle in my left leg (thought it was basketball retirement time), jammed thumb, small cold, and most annoyingly, an achy left flank.  It kind of felt like the makings of a kidney stone but there was no real sharp pains - just a dull ache like someone was squeezing me from the inside.  I finally called my doctor and went in for an x-ray.  Since my appointment was the next day, I got to take my x-ray films with me.  Of course as soon as I get out in the hallway I hold them up to the light and take a look.  Uh oh.  Big dark cloud mass on the one side.  My doctor is in the same building so I marched myself right up there.  There’s this very attractive receptionist at the window so I told her I just got my x-rays and am concerned and don’t want to wait until the next day for my appointment.  She pulls out the films and looks them over and seems concerned so she said she would go run them by the doctor.  I am thinking that if I am going to get bad news, at least I will get it from a good looking woman.  Well out comes the doctor and they are talking right there on the other side of the sliding glass.  I can hear everything.  The doctor says I have two stones and that is my problem.  Then the receptionist says my concern is the dark mass.  The doctor looks again and makes his diagnosis:  gas.  Ugh.  So now here comes the attractive receptionist over to the window and I have to try and look her in the eye and listen to her tell me that not only am I not dying, but I am full of gas.  Nice…  Turns out they aren't stones (there is a big name for calcium deposits) and they are not the problem.  I am going for a CT scan to see what is up.

Meanwhile, I got my car back and it is all good.  The peepers started peeping the other night and we have had a fox and several deer in the back woods the past couple of mornings.

Ashleigh and Elliott are both captains of their respective lacrosse teams.  That is cool.  They are practicing now and come home filthy muddy every day.  Elliott even did the "slip and slide" in the big field puddle the other day.  Good thing I carry blankets in the car...