Friday, April 10, 2015

Never Saw That Coming

It has been a pretty busy week with all sorts of unusual activities.  Mostly good, some challenging, all requiring me to stop and think about how to proceed.  One thing I am trying to learn is stop a bit quicker - before I start getting stressed and nervous - and ask God to help.  Many times I think I have exhausted all of my options, and I probably have exhausted all of MY options.  Invariably, the plan and approach I think of, if I have a plan or approach, is not how it actually works out.  And when it works out (after a lot of prayer), it works out in a way I never saw coming and in a way much better than I could have thought of.  

Without going into specifics, I had two challenges this week where my standard resources were not available and I had nowhere to turn to get these particular jobs done.  Out of the blue, I got a call from someone affiliated with one of those resources who said that not only could he help me out with one of the issues, he could handle the other one as well!  Perfect.  And that was just one of the week's challenges.

God knows I have enough past experiences to reference.  Now it is just a matter of moving them up in the memory priority list...