Friday, December 30, 2011

Putting The Pieces Together

Last night I was cooking up some pork chops on the grill and found my grill light wasn't working.  I love that light.  It has a flexible neck so I can aim it right on the meat and has magnetic feet so it doesn't slide or move around.  So while the chops were cooking, I took the light apart.  One of the batteries in the cartridge that holds 3 batteries corroded and the whole thing was a mess.  I took it inside and pulled it all apart and cleaned it up.  Put new batteries in and fired it up:  nothing.  So I took it all apart again and wiped everything off, made sure the batteries were aimed in the right direction and tried again.  Nothing.  As I was taking it apart for the third time, I dropped the cartridge.  The batteries went everywhere and little connector pieces came off the cartridge.  I thought I would never get it back together but I got all of the pieces and fitted them back in and voila;  the light came right on!  As soon as it lit up, I had an illumination myself.  Looking at my situation now, all I can see is a bunch of separate pieces that used to fit together nicely.  I cannot see how it will all come together and how life will come around to "work" again.  Seems like no way that can happen.  But of course it can and will and I believe that.  I just had to smile and thank God for that little life lesson.  It will work out and be as good or better than ever!

By the way, the pork chops were fantastic!

Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas 2011

Thanks to the generosity of a lot of people, we had a Merry Christmas this year.  Lots of stuff but more importantly, lots of thoughts behind the stuff.  We are very grateful and humbled.  Made what could have been a disappointing day into a very happy one.  You will notice one big brown element managed to work herself into just about every picture...  (I even covered her up in the Ashleigh picture!)  She and Britni eventually got busy on their stocking bones and stayed clear.  Though a few of the later presents got an "anointing..."

Following up on my last post, my feet are doing much better.  The orthotics came in and immediately added a lot of relief.  Not 100% yet but doing a lot better.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Golden Arches

They aren't golden in appearance but they are in cost...  After many months of battling with heel spurs and plantar fasciitis, I finally decided to get my feet casted for custom orthotics (shoe inserts).  I have done the night splint thing, icing twice a day, stretching, meds, "regular" shoe inserts, taping, elastic supports, cortisone shots...  you name it.  The doc was great and took all sorts of measurements and observations.  Turns out the Achilles tendon in my right foot is very tight and the arch in that foot flattens when standing (it is fine when resting).  So the inserts will position my foot and hopefully take some pressure off the Achilles (which reduces the constant pulling and subsequent pain).  Should be about 3 weeks before the inserts are available.  Of course my insurance doesn't cover it...  But I couldn't take it any more.  He gave me a bonus cortisone shot today which hurts going in but provides immediate (albeit temporary) relief.

In my last blog I mentioned the theme of God creating something out of nothing.  Well, we are at the "nothing" point now and are anxious to see what develops.  It seems every lead has dried up but we know that can change in 30 seconds.  Still searching online, networking, going to my required Unemployment classes and doing what I can.  And God keeps providing.  Just waiting for the big breakthrough...