Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Turning Pages

It's been a while since I have blogged and, as I always say, so much has happened.  I get a lot inspirational thoughts but by the time I sit down to blog them, the moment has passed and the energy is gone.  My wallet was stolen from my car in the driveway, Ashleigh spent the summer with Campus Crusade for Christ in Hampton Beach, NH, Elliott worked all summer and took a solo road trip up to see Ashleigh, Lucie was busy with kids stuff at church, I was busy with work traveling some to Chicago and NYC, etc. etc.  A few minor ups and downs but all good and moving forward.

Here we are today - our 26th wedding anniversary.  Seems like yesterday we were walking along the path to the Little Harbor Chapel in Portsmouth, NH.  Fast forward to today and we find that Ashleigh has started her junior year at Stevenson University and tomorrow we will be taking Elliott to Boston College.  It's bad enough that we are suddenly finding ourselves older than we feel or really recognize, but the house is sure going to be big and quiet without A&E coming and going.  All part of life and we are feeling so blessed - things could be much worse.  Turning the page and looking forward to what is coming next...