Saturday, September 20, 2014

Bee Gone, Devil!

Today was a good day to do some yard work.  Just the usual edging, trimming and mowing but then I thought I would shape up the bush at the end of the driveway.  Went to the glove spot for my gloves.  No gloves.  The usual suspects all deny using them but finally, after some intense interrogation, Ashleigh broke down and admitted she had them.  So the mystery was solved but it didn't help the situation.  I went OJ and stuffed my hands in a pair of gloves that were too small and went on with the trimming.
With that job done, I gathered all the trimmings in the wheelbarrow and wheeled them out to the woods behind the house, dumped them and headed to the back door for a drink.  I felt something jabbing me in my Achilles, just above my sock, and there it was  - a yellow jacket.  He was pounding his stinger into me over and over for all he was worth.  (Actually, I don't think he ever broke through - later on there was no red mark or swelling or anything.)  So I took a swat at him and he flew off - about 2 inches, doubled back and started to make his move on my shin!  Whacked at him again and jumped back.  By now Lucie was at the screen door (she heard my girlish screams) and said she saw it fly up my shirt!   So that came off and went flying across the yard.  All was quiet.  Too quiet.  Lucie told me to jump into the house but I didn't want it following me in.  But we chanced it - she opened the door and I bounded in.  As we stood at the screen door looking out, I ran my hand through my hair.  BEE!!!  It took off toward the living room and now he was the hunted.  But I figured it was personal now and he had a vendetta against me so I just waited.  Sure enough, old BEElzebub came back at me.  We swept him to the screen where he got a close up reading of the latest Home and Garden magazine.  I laid him out in state on the top of the garbage can for all his friends to see.

Monday, September 8, 2014

Rebate Return

Just a quick update - our kitchen sink faucet has been leaking a steady stream.  Like it just won't shut off.  No amount of adjusting or tightening seems to work so we are watching $$ run down the drain.  We did some research and found a replacement faucet at Costco.  Looked perfect so we put that on the list of stuff we need to buy but can't afford.  (And my how that list is growing!)  The other day Lucie opened the Costco bill and there was our annual rebate check - within $8 of the cost of the faucet!  In one hand and out the other but at least our hands won't be wet from the constantly water drain.  Thank you Jesus.