Saturday, April 16, 2011

It Takes Money To Make Money

Fortunately, the financial aid process isn't using paper and pen like in the picture above.  I did the first online form (FAFSA) for Ashleigh and that gets shipped over to the school she is going to (and others if she was undecided).  They take a look at that and then put together what they think we, the parents, can contribute.  However, after looking at the aid letter we got back from the university, I think they must have thought it was Sheik Hale and Lady Lucero who are Ashleigh's parents.  Ashleigh was awarded a huge scholarship that pays half of her tuition for all four years but half of two million dollars is still a million dollars...  So after some quick calculations of the shortfall, I did the only reasonable thing I could do:  co-signed a student loan for her.  Lucie and I finished grad school with a pretty significant debt but we managed to pay it off.  What we needed for right now was peace of mind that there was money available for her first year.  Later on we can figure about whether we need other loans, work study, internships, etc.  Ashleigh was relieved.  On we go...

Right now it is thundering and lightning out.  The dogs were cooped up today, (Lucie had a scrapbooking store open house earlier today) so I thought I would get in a quick walk between showers.  I harnessed up the pups and out we went.  Of course we got to the furthest point of the walk when the lightning fired up and the skies opened.  We were all three soaked and sad by the time we got home.  Cured that with a nap.

Work has been very busy.  Proactive drills and training and report generation.  Very smooth and good.  I have been able to comp some time due to some night work up in the New York City Cafe and I am cashing that in by getting out early enough to beat the traffic and get to the kids' lacrosse games.  Ashleigh is Captain of the varsity team and Elliott is Captain of the JV team.  They are both doing really, really well. 

And on an interesting note, one of the final seven contestants on American Idol is the son of a guy who graduated a year behind me in high school.  I had no idea until I saw some Facebook commentary from some old high school friends.  Small world...

Here is a bonus picture of Mocha sitting in the upstairs window watching the neighborhood activity.