Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Cloud By Day, Fire By Night

This isn't the exact picture I wanted but I couldn't find anything better.  The other day I was a bit discouraged about things and I remembered how God provided a pillar of cloud by day and a pillar of fire by night to guide the Israelites and encourage them.  Well, if it was good enough for them back then, I figured it wouldn't hurt to ask now for some encouragement.  I didn't get any pillars, burning bushes, or talking donkeys, but I did get a very encouraging phone call and a few other positives happened.  I'll take it.  I have great faith and hope and thankfulness for all God has done for me, but I'm still human and I don't think asking for a little boost every now and then is a bad thing!

Meanwhile, everything is going OK.  Elliott is still starting lacrosse and doing fine.  We will be reviewing my recording of his last game tonight.  I will be switching over to GEICO car insurance in a few weeks.  They came in $100 per month cheaper than anyone else (when I add Elliott).

I'm going to throw in another picture of my personal "rainbow."  I'll explain it later but it is another reminder that things will work out.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Car Insurance - Money Down The Drain

In May, we have to add Elliott to our car insurance.  We'd be far better off selling the cars and buying bicycles.  What a racket.  I have checked the rates from 8 different companies and all but one are within about $10 of each other.  Doesn't that sound like price-fixing...?  But the one that is cheaper is $100 per month cheaper!  I did this same research a while ago and found that my own company was cheaper than everyone else but AFTER I canceled my policy with them and re-joined.  What a scam.  Turns out it is the consumer who has to do their homework and request new rates - the companies will soak you for as long as they can.  Until you catch on.  I so wanted to just quit my old company but after re-applying, they were the cheapest.  Not this time.

All else is going fine.  God continues to bless us and meet our needs.  Somehow.  I don't ask.  We just go to the cupboard and the oil and flour are there every day.  I look for jobs every day and keep up with my contacts on Linked In and elsewhere.  Had a couple of things with some potential about two weeks ago, but they didn't work out.  There is another great opportunity that I would love to do but it requires the creation of a position and that will take time.  When Lucie heard that, the first thing she said, and in fact the first thing I thought was, there is no way we can make it that long.  But I looked at her and said, that's what we said in October...  So we press on believing and being thankful and asking God to continue to provide and to be sure that we don't miss any opportunities.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

My Father Passed Away, February 21, 2012

My father passed away on February 21, 2012.  He was 72 years old and had been in a Little Rock, Arkansas hospital for a few weeks.  It seems there were some complications from his dialysis treatments.  Thanks to God and the generosity of a lot of people, my brother and I were able to use my remaining frequent flier miles to go there, rent a car, and stay in a motel for a few days for the funeral and burial.  We were able to connect with some family members from his side of the family that we had either never met or met over 40 years ago.  Each one of them was gracious and open and generous.  We were also able to go see the C130 plane that he flew on as a mechanic during the Vietnam War.

Click the link below for video of the Air Force Honor Guard ceremony at the Veteran's Cemetery.

Here is the last picture I have of he and I together.  I was in Dallas in the Fall of 2010 for a convention but I was able to get away for a day and see him.