Saturday, March 2, 2013

Does Elliott Capture Awards?

The answer is YES!  Elliott came in second in the state of Delaware for the annual DECA contest (see what I did there in this post title?) so again, he heads west to represent the state.  This time he goes to Anaheim, CA for a few days.  Right next to Disney.  He is really looking forward to that.  The picture above is a screen capture where he and his team were featured on the district web page.  I circled him in red although it is hard to see - far right.  The boy has been real busy with a lot of stuff - he decided not to play lacrosse this year (the short-sighted coach continually shoots himself in the foot with his unwavering policy of benching players who don't go to every practice - including over breaks and for school events like the DECA competition) so rather than put up with that foolishness, Elliott is making a career enhancing move and taking up golf.  Earlier this month he, Ashleigh and I ventured north for a campus visit at Northeastern in Boston.  It was a typical New England day on the day of the visit - 50 mph winds, 6 inches of blowing snow, wicked cold...  But we stayed with my brother, visited with my mother and some old friends, and ate well.  So that was good.

Ashleigh is doing fine at school and is active at her church - looking at doing some outreach ministries over spring break and maybe the summer.  Hard to believe that soon she will be halfway through her undergrad nursing program.

Work just keeps getting better and better for me.  Loving everything I do and the people I am working with.

The lease on Lucie's Rav4 is ending later this month.  We thought we would just buy it outright or possibly lease a newer Toyota.  But our local dealer, a guy we have worked with for years, went to the dark side and was so focused on putting us into a new, more expensive car, that Lucie got sick of him and his half-truths so she went across the street and leased a Buick Verano.  More features, newer, nicer car - and cheaper.  She is pretty happy.  The color?  Mocha...  Picture below: