Thursday, December 31, 2015

Endings And Beginnings And Some Things Never Change

We had to say goodbye to Britni the Beagle today. She has been with us almost 13 years. She stopped eating a few days ago, had difficulty getting around, wasn’t socializing anymore and was just fading fast. We took her to the vet who said she was bleeding internally and there was no real hope for her. She was aggravating, annoying, stubborn, disobedient and an overall pain in the neck. But she was family. And we loved her. And we will miss her.

But as her life has ended, a new life for Ashleigh is beginning soon.  She is engaged now and will be married in 2016.  Her fiance is a great guy and he did the "right" thing by coming to Lucie and I and asking for our blessing.  Classy move.  They are a natural together and we know they will be fine.  

And as far as some things never change, I played basketball with Elliott today.  Haven't played in about a year.  Hit my first shot, hit my last shot, hit some in between, missed some in between.  But overall I held my own and didn't embarrass Elliott or myself.  Still got it.  For now.