Saturday, July 28, 2012

Light At The End Of The Tunnel

I am beginning to see a light at the end of the unemployment tunnel.  Not getting too high, not getting too low.  That is one of the many lessons I have recently learned.  Over the past few months, two former colleagues have been pushing for the creation of a Project Manager position at their contract security company.  They needed the position before I came along but I am the perfect candidate - if I may say so myself!  Creating a position in a company with small overhead is difficult and as much as I thought I would be right for the job, I had to continue to look for other opportunities, apply, interview, etc.  It finally seems to be coming together and I am expecting an offer next week.  I am ready to hit the ground running and can't wait to get back to work.  We're not there yet, but it's coming!

Today was a typical day - I worked in the yard in the wicked hot sun (in my bathing suit), finished, hopped in the pool, and it immediately clouded over and began to sprinkle!  I got out when the thunder started.  Of course I wasn't inside an hour when the sun came back out...

I'm a little concerned about Mocha tonight.  She was occasionally crying seemingly at random but seemed fine - ate, walked, pooped, etc. with no problems.  So I gave her a thorough exam and found her right rear leg was very sore - she yelped at the touch.  I gave her some aspirin and will keep an eye on her.  Everything I have read says it is probably a muscle strain.  Hopefully it is not too serious and with rest she will be fine.  She is not limping but she sure isn't running and jumping around either.  Can't afford to go to the vet so we will just watch her.

The Olympics started last night.  I love to watch the individual back stories.  Still can't understand the global fascination with soccer though...

Friday, July 20, 2012

Hales Hooping

Today Elliott made his first appearance at the church adult basketball night that I run at our church.  I didn't introduce him as my son.  He and one of his friends (also from church) came so I just said they were a couple of high school guys from church.  And he did well!  He had some good shots, some good moves, made a few baskets, had a steal or two, and generally represented well.  When the night was mostly over I told some people he was my son.  They were impressed.  And for the record, the old man did pretty good as well.  I have said that I could pick any two players that come out (usually about 15), add their ages together, and I would still be older than them!  But when you get older, you don't play harder - you play smarter.  And I do fine.  Also for the record:  Elliott has more skills already than I ever did.  It was a proud night for me.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

2,000 Q-Tips

Today I used the last swab in our bathroom Q-Tip holder and went to the hallway closet to get some more.  Wouldn't you know I found two more containers - with 625 Q-Tips in each?  So at some point, I thought it was worthwhile to buy nearly 2,000 Q-Tips.  Then I just smiled and realized it wasn't me who thought it was a good idea to buy that many, God was prepping us for such a time as this.  He knew way back when when I was standing in Costco buying the family size container that a day was coming when I would need to go to the closet and pull out another box.  As insignificant as the cotton swab is, and really how almost unnecessary it is, I learned another lesson today about God's planning, God's timing, and God's provision.  And that encourages me.  Like the sparrow, if God can care about our swabs, how much more does He care about and have a plan for us?

Monday, July 16, 2012

Lessons I've Learned (so far!)

In no particular order...

  • God has a plan
  • I can't see all of the Plan but that is where faith comes in
  • People can be very generous
  • Sometimes it’s the little things that matter
  • Nothing happens by coincidence
  • Being optimistic is a choice
  • There are shopping deals to be had if you look for them
  • SOME generic foods taste as good as the “real” ones
  • Sometimes bad things happen to good people
  • Some problem resolutions were initiated long before we know them
  • Strenuous exercise helps clear the mind
  • There’s something to be learned, confirmed, or found at every church service
  • God’s timing isn't our timing – it’s better
  • Lucie and I have great kids
  • I have a great wife
  • Don’t put your faith in opportunities or possibilities – just keep your eyes on God
  • Sometimes God’s plan doesn’t line up with “conventional” wisdom
  • God may use distractions to keep us occupied until His next step is revealed
  • Be thankful for closed doors because God keeps us from where we’re not supposed to be
  • Most often resolutions to issues are not what we expected
I am sure there are more lessons to be learned and my situation isn't resolved yet, but I thought I would write down what I know for now and maybe add to it later.  When this is over.  Soon.

Thursday, July 12, 2012


As we continue to wait for God to break through, I decided to look for a blessing every day.  They have probably always been there, but I decided to actively look every day.  Actually, I forgot a couple of days but when the blessing came, it was obvious.  So far the blessings have included a lunch invite after church, a gift card which covered dinner one day, an unexpected gas tank filling, a cash gift, a free shake from Chick Fil A, two gift ice cream half gallons, two billing errors in our favor and today's:  Mocha and I went to the pet store to get her some food.  She really doesn't eat as much as you would think (2 cups of food, twice a day) but we are tight on money so we decided the bills can wait another day - the baby has to eat!  In we went (they love her there and recognized her from her 2nd place finish in the photo contest) and I wrestled the bag to the counter.  When we got up there the cashier said they had JUST changed their policy of buy 12 bags of food, get 1 free to buy 10 bags of food, get one free.  This was bag 11 so it was free!  Thank you, Jesus.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Losing The Chains

I was going to save this picture until I was actually employed again but I'm gonna step out in faith and post it now.  Lately the theme for us has been to not just have the chains that are holding us back loosened, but to lose them entirely.  I don't know of a single Bible story where someone had their chains loosened but still dragged them around.  When they were loosened, they fell completely off.  And that is what we need.  We have received blessing after blessing from our church family and friends but we aren't really even staying even now - we are getting behind in some bills.  We need a major breakthrough.  God has really spoken to us about being patient, not taking matters into our own hands, and that relief and restoration are coming soon.  We are so thankful for what we have and how people, some we know, some anonymous, are helping us out during this time.  Songs and messages and personal words of encouragement are all adding up and pointing to a happy ending.  Can't happen soon enough...

Meanwhile, we are thankful for what we have and know that things could be worse.  A&E both have jobs and are pitching in to help with things.  We take full advantage of Elliott's employee discount!  They both left this morning for camp - as counselors this year.  Very proud that they are re-investing back into that program.

Maybe my next blog post will be about how we were set back on a high place.  Could happen any minute!