Thursday, February 7, 2013

Cracking Me Up

About a week ago I noticed our garage door was really struggling to close.  It just seemed out of alignment in the rollers when we hit the garage door opener/closer button.  I gave all of the rollers and hinges a good shot of WD-40 but it was still banging and rattling and not closing smoothly.  Upon closer inspection, I noticed the top panel was split and the door was flexing every time the door opener pushed it closed.  The door is so thin, it really isn't repairable - like trying to repair a soda can.  So I called a garage door company and it looks like a big chunk of our tax money will be handed over to them.  We will probably go with an upgraded door that is insulated so that may help with some heating and A/C costs.

On the way home the other afternoon, a rock flipped up and took a chip out of the Acura windshield.  I am like a rock magnet.  I don't know how many windshields I have had repaired or replaced over the years.  I immediately called GEICO and within a couple of hours, a tech from Safelite was in my driveway fixing the crack!  He finished in about 15 minutes - no charge.  The trick is to get it sealed up before it spreads.  So that worked out well.

The final story, staying consistent with the "cracking" theme, is that I read it is not only OK, but encouraged to feed your dog raw eggs.  No danger of salmonella since dogs can eat raw meat and other things humans can't.  It is a good source of protein and makes their coats shiny.  So every morning I barely crack an egg in Mocha's bowl and she eats it right down!  Britni the beagle doesn't like them though.