Monday, November 2, 2015

Knocking It Out Of The Park

Just a quick update (I need to MAKE time to update this more often...):  Elliott has been quick the young traveler to and from Philadelphia for internship interviews.  Lots of travel experiences and he is learning time management like never before.  Anyway, today was his last interview.  This morning before he went to the interview, Lucie was praying that all would go well and that whatever interview questions came his way, he would be calm and "knock them out of the park."  As is his custom, Elliott wrote a recap of the interview in an email he sent to Lucie and I.  In this interview, he was presented a case study to analyze and comment on.  After he was done, the interviewer said he did great and that he, "knocked it out of the park."  How great is that!  I told him to remember this for those times when he thinks God hasn't heard his prayers.  God is in the details.