Monday, January 23, 2012

Q: What Goes Step, Shudder, Step, Shudder?

A:  My elliptical.  To the left is a picture of one of the four guide wheels on my elliptical.  It is under the right foot and rolls along a track.  Lucie and I are on the elliptical every day and the other day it was vibrating with every other step.  Elliott and I got under it and he watched while I stepped.  He found this wheel is cracked and when weight is on it, it flattens.  Stupid thing is hard to get to and wicked expensive to replace.  I am going to pull it today and see if I can replace it with an in-line skate or skateboard wheel.

It's funny, there have been a lot of little issues come up lately that have been resolved pretty inexpensively.  My cholesterol medicine is about gone and I remembered I had a bottle of 80 mg pills (I take 40's).  So I grabbed a pill cutter and halved them.  The Tivo remote was driving me crazy as the down button wouldn't work (press it and it would select every other position but down.  A&E found it very funny to see me get so frustrated with it.).  I fixed that with a tiny screwdriver.  And the washing machine was fixed with a $9 part.  There have been a bunch of other little things too.  It seems God is giving me little projects to keep me busy and my mind occupied while I wait on His timing.

Below is a bonus picture of the Ravens missing a game tying field goal which sent the Patriots to the Super Bowl.  Elliott and I just about lost our voices watching the game.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

I Am All For A Good Deal But...

I got this in the mail today so I scanned it and sent it to Consumer Reports Magazine.  On the back page of every issue they print bloopers like this.  We'll see if I get published!!