Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Mocha Repair

Back on May 1, Mocha suddenly came up lame.  VERY difficult to walk and was favoring her right rear leg.  Off to the vet we went where she was diagnosed with a bad sprain.  Time went on and she would have good days and bad days.  We went back to the vet and got more meds but she still was struggling.  Finally, our vet referred her to a specialist.  This morning we took her in and she is having surgery soon to repair her CCL (the dog version of the human knee ACL tear).  Meanwhile, in anticipation of the bad news, I took a crack at making a ramp for her over the back stairs.  Got some plywood and a 2x4 from Home Depot, had them cut it up for me, slapped it together, and made what Ashleigh called, "Frankenstein stairs."  Got an old piece of carpet and it doesn't look bad!