Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Objects In The Rear View Mirror...

About a week ago, Ashleigh came around the corner by the house and clipped the neighbor's mailbox with her passenger side mirror.  The mailbox was unscathed - the mirror was a complete loss.  One would say she swerved when her passenger (David) looked up and yelled out that she was too close. Someone else would say he yelled out only after she had already hit it...  Whatever the case may be, the mirror was wrecked.  I tried to glue it in place and then went redneck and used some black duct tape to  hold it but we knew at the first snowstorm or parking lot door bump, it would fall off.  So off to the junkyard I went.  None to be found.  Bought one from eBay for $34 including shipping!  So, in the spirit of my brother and niece (Lowell and Katrina), Ashleigh and I went to work on it together.   It went surprisingly smooth.  Of course two of the three bolts stripped out of the old mirror but we got around that and were able to pop the new one in.  The power function works fine, it looks brand new, and there were no parts leftover. Success!

There is some life commentary to be made here I suppose. About how some things have happened and have been left behind, out of view and forgotten.  Or perhaps that some situations are coming up from behind and we just haven't seen them yet.  Or it may be that at times looking back on things, experiences may be clearer than at the time you went through them.  But that is not always the case.  I have plenty of questions about things in the past and why they took the turns they did.  On the other hand, I know that it is all part of the Plan and everything happens for a reason.  I may not know it, may not see it, or it may just be out of view.  But it's there.

Saturday, August 2, 2014


Who says the Bible isn't relevant today? There is an Old Testament story about Elijah coming to a town and he ran into a widow who was very poor. So poor, in fact, she only had enough food in the house for one last meal for herself and her son.  But Elijah told her of a prophecy from God and so she went home and somehow there was enough food to feed her, her son, and Elijah for as long as he was there.  Not sure how long he was there, but it was for days.  The point of the story was that God provided when there was no other provisions.  (I Kings 17:7-16)

Fast forward to July 28, 2014 in Newark, Delaware.  Our central air conditioning has been hanging on by a thread.  We have put some money into it but it is dying and, after 17 years, it needs to be replaced.  It was running in the morning so I made the mistake of taking the fans and putting them away. Naturally, the A/C immediately seizes and dies.  I called the A/C guy and he said if I can come up with half of the cost to replace it, we can pay off the rest as we can.  Just a few days ago I had been going through our files and looking for something and made a note of the credit card balances.  Not much to work with there and we have been working hard to pay them down.  Essentially, there was nothing left in the cupboard.  But on this day I looked again and told God that we were doing our best and we needed a break.  All of a sudden out pops an old credit card with almost the exact amount of credit available for the down payment.  Now an argument can be made about not getting into debt and so forth, and I am fully aware of that, but I am choosing to thank God for supplying for our need.  No other way to explain it.

UPDATE:  I waited to post this until Lucie returned from camp - no sense her worrying about things while she was away.  The new AC is in and it was near record low temps the few days we were without it!