Friday, July 18, 2014

Knee PT Is Over For Me

Wednesday was my last physical therapy session for my knee rehab.  It went well.  They took before and after measurements and strength readings and on Wednesday, my right knee was just as flexible as my left and both were stronger than average.  The beginning sessions were mostly stretching - the latter sessions were strengthening.  I am cleared to do most things except run (no problem there!), heavy lifting, or actions that require twisting in the knee.  I will wait till December or so to play basketball again but it is really feeling great.

I am pretty thankful that my work was flexible enough that I could go to PT three times a week.  And the insurance covered it.

The weather has been nice enough lately that I can get out and walk - not just for myself, but for Mocha too.  We walk around the neighborhood and then straight into the pool...